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Thursday 24th of June, 3.30 pm – 5.15 pm (CEST / Paris time)


Water resources and ecosystems are under increasing pressure from population growth, economic development and climate change.

Given the need to ensure a reliable supply of water to populations, the interdependence with the energy and food sectors and the need to protect ecosystems…, it is fundamental to facilitate access to data on the state of water resources and ecosystems, uses and infrastructures, and to be able to cross-reference them in particular with socio-economic data, in order to facilitate the governance of water resources and public information.

As pointed out in the “Handbook on Water Information Systems”1 published by INBO in collaboration with UNESCO, WMO and the “Word Water Data Initiative” (WWDI), the main problem is that, regardless of the country or the basin (national or transboundary), these data are systematically produced by multiple institutions intervening at various levels (local, national, international) according to varying protocols.

It is therefore fundamental to define strategies and procedures facilitating the pooling of data produced by the various actors while respecting the role of each, as well as the completion of the data available through the use of satellite data, "crowd sourcing", development of self-monitoring…

After a reminder of the issues related to data sharing for the management of water resources and the environment by the representatives of INBO, the Geneva Water Hub, WMO, the OECD, and the UNECE, this webinar will be an opportunity to discuss several case studies that have made it possible in various national and international contexts to promote exchanges and lead to a real valuation of data while developing win-win relationships between institutions.



  • Dr. Eric Tardieu, Secretary General, International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)


  • Mr. Paul Haener, Head of Water Information Systems,International Office for Water (OiEau), INBO technical secretariat

Roundtable framing the issue on the importance of sharing data between institutions for a more effective management of water resources and the environment:


  • Ms. Maud Berthelot, Project manager, UNESCO-IHP


  • Mr. Niokhor Ndour, Director of the Directorate of Water Resources Management and Planning, Ministry of Water and Sanitation (Senegal) & Mr. François Münger, Director, Geneva Water Hub (GWH),
  •  Mrs. Oriana Romano, Head of Unit “Water Governance and Circular Economy”, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),
  •  Mr. Dominique Berod, Head of the “Earth System Monitoring” Division, World Meteorological Organization (WMO),
  •  Mrs. Sonja Koeppel, Secretary of the Water Convention, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Poll and first section of questions & answers with the participants

Panel with intervention of great witnesses

Our key witnesses (names of the representatives To Be Determined -TBD) will share their professional experience on the sharing and pooling of data produced by the multiple actors in the water sector:


  • Ms. Anaïs Charbonnier, Project manager, INBO Speakers:


Second section of questions & answers with the participants


  • Dr. Eric Tardieu, Secretary General, International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)
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