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On 2 and 3 March 2016 held the conference "European River Symposium 2016" Best Practices in River Basin Management - Building sustainable partnerships "in Vienna.
The event focuses on best practices in river management, on the measures taken to establish positive relationships between organizations and key areas influencing rivers and water management.
"European Riverprize Gala"
The symposium includes the "European Riverprize Gala" which will be held in the Vienna City Hall: it will highlight the successes in managing the river in Europe.
The Segura River of Spain has been named the winner of the 2016 European Riverprize.
The Segura River Project has successfully restored the health of the river, with advanced wastewater schemes now supplying reclaimed water to the agriculture industry which rapidly boomed after Spain became a member of the European Union. This once polluted and water-stressed river in Europe's driest basin has been transformed from an exposed sewer to a healthy, vibrant river, home to otter, migratory birds, and other flora and fauna, and the reuse of irrigation water has allowed increased agricultural, leisure and recreational activities.
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02 - 03 Mars 2016, Vienne (Autriche)